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Secure Data Destruction
See how easy and secure it is to safely destroy old hard drives and other storage media. Learn more about the physical data destruction process here, or receive custom quote for your data destruction needs.
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Fully Compliant with Current Laws & Regulations
The hazardous materials and components contained in all forms of e-waste, and their subsequent destructive impact on our environment, have led our government to pass a wide variety of laws and regulations that are constantly changing and must be fully complied with.At WC Computer Recycler, Inc. we make it our #1 priority to ensure that your e-waste recycling meets all current laws and regulations.
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Keeping your Data Secure from Beginning to End

Welcome to West Coast Computer Recycler, Inc. R2/RIOsTM certified data destruction company serving all of Southern California for over 8 years.  As a reputable electronics recycling company since 2007 , our main priority is keeping our clients’ identity safe and secure  by following strict guidelines to ensure secure data destruction from beginning to end.    WC Computer Recycler, Inc. recognizes the stringent responsibility that comes with handling your company’s confidential data, which is why our innovative process of physical hard drive data destruction is the safest and most cost effective method of wiping and destroying data.  Unlike erasing and reformatting, our method of hard drive shredding offers a complete secure solution.  With industry-leading data destruction certifications, we have earned the trust of government institutions and corporations across Southern California.  To learn more about how secure and safe our physical data destruction process is, click here or request a quote for your data destruction needs.

In addition to data destruction, we also provide e-waste recycling services with on-site pickup for businesses, and government institutions across Los Angeles County.  We make it as convenient as possible to recycle all your obsolete computers, printers, fax machines, cell phones, and other unwanted electronic equipments.  We know that entrusting us as an outside vendor to handle your company’s e-waste disposal is a decision to be taken seriously, which is why we provide you with a certificate of destruction after every service provided.   Safeguarding your data and responsibly ensuring full environmental compliance is and always will be our top priority.

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West Coast Computer Recycler protects the environment while saving you money with our free e-waste recycling services for businesses in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and beyond.
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West Coast Computer Recycler ensures your safety by disposing of e-waste following EPA regulations and by destroying all sensitive data using the same software as the Department of Defense.
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West Coast Computer Recycler offers e-waste pickup with eight (8) or more items. We even handle all of the heavy lifting and any necessary cleanup!
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