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Why Data Security should be a Priority

Data security is a critical aspect no matter what kind of industry or business you are in. Whether you are a small business or large corporation it is vital that you keep your company’s data secure. Equally important is keeping your clients and customers private information and data confidential. In today’s technology driven society, gaining access to other people’s information including social security number and credit card information has never been easier. Social media channels like Facebook makes it even easier to access someone’s personal information. Safely destroying your data should be a priority for all companies especially because your data can be stored in databases that you may not even be aware of. Whether your data is stored as a hard copy, on paper or hard drive it is imperative that you discard it and destroy all confidential data safely and securely. When it comes to someone’s personal information, caution and awareness should be applied in any data destruction method. Many businesses handle tons of paper work every day and when those stored data and information is no longer needed or required, it is important to ensure that your company’s data or client’s information is fully destroyed. Paper shredding is a popular but unreliable way that many companies get rid of their unwanted documents. Companies should never make the assumption that shredding their documents into tiny little pieces means their information cannot be accessed. On the contrary, your shredded documents can still be easily accessible by just about anyone once it leaves your trash can.

Shredders cannot be used to destroy media storage devices. In that case, businesses are encouraged to look for a reliable and trustworthy data destruction company that can ensure all data will be destroyed and kept private. Businesses should find a company that is NAID certified and is willing to provide a certificate of destruction form to inform you that your data has been safely destroyed and handled in a professional matter. Furthermore, it important to choose a data destruction firm that follows HIPAA guidelines and guarantees that no information will be disclosed or shared with anyone. There are many ways that data can be destroyed but many of these methods can be unreliable and risky. Traditionally, many companies would delete a file from a hard drive by simply erasing or wiping the file or reformatting the computer, however this can be an ineffective method in keeping your data secure. Data can still be retrieved this way because the data has not been completely destroyed rather it has been moved to perhaps another database. For many customers ‘drive wiping’ isn’t sufficient when it comes to destroying private information. With identity fraud and identity theft on the raise it is highly encouraged that both public and private sectors rely on a secure data destruction company to handle all disposal needs. If you’re concerned about your personal information getting into the wrong hands then make sure to find a secure and trustworthy data destruction firm to handle your data.

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