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What Can We Do About E-waste

While the latest piece of technology might be exciting for consumers, it can pose a serious problem to the earth. Thanks to a rapid growth in technology, more and more people are trading in their old devices for something newer and faster. More often than not, this means that the old devices are left behind where they sometimes end up in landfill. These old electronic devices are known as e-waste, and more then ever before, e-waste is posing a serious threat to the environment. According to the EPA, Americans are throwing away two million tons of e-waste every year. So the question becomes, what can we do about e-waste? One popular solution is by using a certified e-waste recycling company.

There are of course various solutions that can take place in order to lower the amounts of e-waste that end up in landfills. For example, instead of simply getting a new gadget everytime the latest model comes out, take a second to re-evaluate and see if you can stay with your current device for a little longer. Another option is to donate the device to social programs such as aftercare programs for children or domestic violence shelters. For large quantities of electronic devices, perhaps using an e-waste recycling company is one of the best options.

There are a number of reasons why companies can benefit from using a recycling company for e-waste. One of these reasons is for data security. Companies often store sensitive, and identifying information. On computers and other electronic devices. When you recycle these devices, hard drive is completely destroyed making it impossible for information to get into the wrong hands. Recycling is also beneficial to the environment as precious metals such as gold and are gathered and can be reused for future electronic devices. Finally, when items are recycled, it means they are kept out of landfills and harmful materials such as mercury do not spill into the land and water.

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