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Cloud COmputing

The Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming a more and more popular option for storage. Not only are individuals using the cloud, but companies are using it more often as well. Cloud computing is when a network of remote servers that is being hosted by the Internet is used to store information. In the cloud, you can not only store information, but you can also manage it and process the data rather than accessing the information from a personal computer or local server.

One of the security risks about the push toward using the cloud is centered on the fact that cloud computing is based on the aggregation of information. Users are concerned that with all this information being stored in one location, it increases the potential risk for a cyber attack. Not only is there a fear that information may be stolen from hackers, there is also a fear that the government may also hack information on citizens. Since all the information is stored in one location, it would be easy for the government to potentially learn about citizens through their information that they store in the cloud. While security is a concern, there are security measures in place to protect users.

The most important way that information is secured is through an encryption system. When an encryption is used, a complex algorithm is put in place that conceals and protects the information stored in the cloud. When an encryption is used, a huge amount of computer processing power must be used to try and crack the encryption, making the information stored in the cloud very safe. In addition, users can help protect their information by using strong passwords. With a weak password, users are making it easy for hackers to gain access to the information. To have a strong password, avoid using a password that is related to your personal life in anyway. Strong passwords should include letters, numbers and symbols as well. This is how you can do your part to help secure the information you store in the cloud.

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