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Recycling Smartphones

Have you ever wondered how e-waste is recycled? You probably have heard about the importance of not letting e-waste end up in landfills, but have you heard how smartphone recycling takes places? While there are different electronic waste types, for the most part, e-waste recycling is the same across the board.


The first step on your phone’s journey of recycling is that the recycling center may check to see if your phone is still in relatively good condition. If it is, it could be refurbished and reused. If it can’t, then it will continue in the recycling process. When a phone is recycled, it is put into large shredders so that the device turns into scraps. This ensures that any of the information that was stored on your phone is now completely irrecoverable and that your data is safe from getting into the wrong hands. In addition to data security, the other part of recycling is to recover precious metals that go into the makeup of your phone. Did you know that your phone can contain as much as 60 different elements? While some of these elements are toxic such as mercury, there are precious metals as well such as gold, silver and copper. Once a phone goes through the shredder, precious metals are recovered so that they can be reused and lessen the hardship on the earth’s natural resources.

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