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Facts and Figures and What They Can Do About it

When it comes to data security, recycling of e-waste is actually an important part of the process. When you delete sensitive and identifying information from a computer, the information is still stored in the hard drive. This means that even if you delete information, people can have access to the information, making your clients and employees at risk for a security threat. There’s no reason to panic however, as recycling your old electronic devices can help. Read on to learn more about the benefits of recycling electronic components.


There are many benefits to consider recycling your old electronic devices. Thanks to improved technology, old electronic devices are more and quickly becoming obsolete. A computer that was purchased two years ago could now be considered old and out of date. Due to this, thousands of computers and other devices such as printers, fax machines, copiers, and monitors are thrown into landfills every year. This leaves of billions of pounds of recyclable materials such as glass, plastic and metals that are simply being left behind in a landfill. Not only does this harm the environment, it also harms the security of your business as well.


When you send your old electronic devices to an e-waste recycler, not only are all the items and parts that can be recycled get recycled, all the other parts are destroyed in a manner that will keep your information secured. The best way to keep your old data from getting into the wrong hands is through the physical destruction of the electronic device. Through the physical destruction of a hard drive for example, information becomes 100% irrecoverable. Your business can help keep sensitive data secure while also helping the environment when you use an e-waste recycler for all your old devices that you will no longer use.


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