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Data Destruction Procedures

It wasn’t until relatively recently that the demand for third party electronic recyclers began to significantly grow. Due to the advancements in technology, consumers began to rapidly repurchase the newest and latest pieces of electronic devices, resulting in old and outdated electronic waste that was ending up in landfills. In order to curb this growing trend of throwing e-waste in landfills, electronic recyclers stepped in. As these companies grew, it became clear that they also needed to follow a set of safety, environmental and security standards to ensure the best data destruction procedures. Currently, the leading accredited and certified standard for e-recyclers is the Responsible Recycling Standard for Electronics Recyclers, also known as R2 electronics.

In order to be certified by the R2 standard, a company must be rigorously audited in order to ensure that all standards are being met. During the audit, key personnel are interviewed, a detailed tour of the site is taken and it is determined whether or not all policies and procedures are successfully and appropriately implentement onsite. All R2 companies reach standards set out in the implementation guide. Following the implementation guide offers a prototype that shows what the R2 standard is all about.

The implementation guide sets out 10 provisions that must be followed. The most well known provision of the R2 standard is the Environmental, health and safety management system provision. This provision states that electronic devices are recycled in a way that is environmentally friendly, healthy to employees as well as all tasks being set out in a safe and secure way. Other provisions include legal requirements that ensure data security of e-waste, protocols for effectively gathering reusable materials from electronic devices and more. When looking for an e-recycler for your data destruction needs, be sure to find a company that is R2 certified for the best results.  

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