Helpful Tips for Proper Data Handling

Improper data disposal can cause your company or business to become vulnerable to identity theft and data breaches. Careless handling of data can cause many consequences that may do harm to yourself and to the company you are working for. Be careful how your data is handled. Data handling refers to how you care and manage for your printed and electronic data. Handling can refer to editing, viewing, deleting and/or transmitting data. It is particularly important for IT companies to handle their data safely especially because they handle sensitive data every day. Electronic data handling can include the following actions:


  • Emailing or faxing data
  • Scanning information
  • Editing data information
  • Storing data in a media device like USB drives, hard drives, and CDs
  • Deleting information from these media devices

Whenever you perform any of these actions keep in mind how best to secure your privacy through secure data destruction methods. Data security should be a priority for many companies especially with the frequent incidents of identity theft and even data breaches. That being said, data destruction is critical to avoid compromising your safety as well as your company’s safety and reputation. Proper data destruction entails physical destruction of all media and electronic devices that contain confidential data. It is highly recommended that all businesses hire a professional to destroy data. Hiring a reputable data destruction company can reassure you that no data will be traced back to you. E-waste companies like West Coast Recycler perform on-site data destruction services which is cost-effective, eco-friendly and efficient. Many businesses fail to realize the importance of safeguarding your personal information as well as your client’s data. Simply deleting files, transferring files to a trash bin, reformatting your hard drive and shredding are certainly not enough to protect you against identity theft.

Hard drive destruction ensures that data cannot fall into the wrong hands and be recovered, re-purposed or transmitted. Documents containing private information including bills, insurance records, credit card applications and more can be subject to fraudulent activity if not handled with caution. Data destruction is the most reliable method to ensure your business interests’ are protected from hackers. It is strongly advised that you choose a firm that is partnered with NAID, follows EPA regulations, HIPAA compliant and provides a certificate of destruction. This certificate of destruction is proof that your hard drives have been completely destroyed and will not be shared with anyone. This is one way you can be sure that the firm is trustworthy. Keep these tips in mind the next time you get rid of any electronic and data storage devices. Request a quote today and let us help you get rid of all your old media devices without any added stress.

Data Destruction: Better Safe than Sorry

Nowadays with the rise of data theft and breaches, secure data destruction has become a growing concern for many businesses and corporations. Majority of businesses use some type of computer and laptop to store important and confidential information. Many of the things we do on our computers require entering our credit card information including online shopping and paying our bills. Even social networking can threaten our security. Although antivirus software protects our computes from viruses and spam, what happens to our safety when we choose to get rid of any old computers, laptops, and hard drives?  Antivirus software safeguards us against hackers but we must also be cautious of what happens to our sensitive material once we decide to dispose of our PCs. It is not enough to simply delete or overwrite files from our hard drives. In most cases, files are forever stored in the hard drive until completely wiped out and unrecoverable. That being said, businesses are encouraged to go to a reputable and professional e-waste company that specializes in secure data destruction services. West Coast Computer Recycler is one such company that provides on-site hard drive data destruction. Businesses fail to find a feasible solution to effectively destroy data which is why they should turn to professionals to handle the matter.

In many occasions, computers are carelessly disposed of without any thought of how it could affect our security and how it could impact the environment. By continuing to practice unsafe methods, you will eventually fall victim to identity theft and security breaches. So think twice when you throw away your computer. Without permanently removing data from your hard drive, you are risking your safety. As a matter of fact, if your information gets into the wrong hands, you can damage your company’s reputation. We have heard of many incidences where hackers and thieves have recovered and accessed deleted information using sophisticated data recovery programs. Not following proper data destruction methods may threaten your company’s safety as it allows thieves entry to highly confidential data. Before you dispose computers, hard drives, and other media storage devices make sure that all data is 100% destroyed and non-recoverable. Most hard drives contain highly sensitive material including social security and credit card records which is why it is crucial that you reduce the chances that your information will be disclosed and replicated. To reduce these chances, hire an e-waste firm that is and NAID member and follows HIPAA guidelines. A part of a company’s responsibility is keeping a business’s information confidential as well as its client’s information. At West Coast Computer Recycler, we will provide you reliable data destruction service to give your company the protection it needs and the peace of mind to know that all its data risks are eliminated.