What to Look For When Hiring a Qualified Data Destruction Company

When running a business, keeping data secure should be a top priority. While this includes, using firewalls and antivirus software, it also means protecting e-waste. More often than not, when businesses upgrade their computers, they are left with old servers, desktop computers, laptops and more. Even though these are no longer used, they still have valuable data stored on their hard drives. The most effective way to make sure that the data is erased is by having the hard drive destroyed. While there are many data destruction companies to choose from. They are not all the same. Here are some things to look for when hiring a third party company to destroy your data.

One thing to be on the lookout for is their data destruction process. Have you ever asked what to look for when hiring a Qualified Data Destruction Company? The company should offer a secure pickup of your e-waste. That means that they will go to your location and pick up all old equipment that needs to be destroyed. In order to ensure the safety of your information from point A to point B, equipment should be kept in locked cargos. Each piece of equipment should be scanned and recorded so that you can receive a receipt for each piece of equipment that is destroyed. The old hard drives should then be shredded and recycled. It is important that the data destruction company is up to code with environmental regulations as well. Finally, you should receive a confirmation of the destruction.

Another thing to be on the lookout for is a certified company. You should choose a company that is NAID AAA Certified. A company that is also involved with organizations such as the Data Protection association, the Association of Legal Administrators, Professional Records and Information Services International, and The Association of Records Managers and Administrators International can be trusted. If you are looking for a trusted professional please contact West Coast Computer Recycler for a quote today!

What to Look For When Hiring a Qualified Data Destruction Company
Often wonder what should you be looking for when hiring someone to destroy your data? Check out the list to make sure your Data Destruction Company is qualified!
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Proper Data Destruction & Why It’s Crucial To Your Business!

If you have a business, you are probably aware that data security is extremely important in keeping your business, your employees, and your partners safe. However, did you know that data destruction is also a part of data security as well? In fact, proper data destruction is a critical part to any business. One of the best practices your business can do is to create a policy or destruction plan so that when the time is right, you and your company will know what to do. Do you wonder why secure hard drive data destruction is so crucial to your business?

Your data destruction plan should include where valuable information will be stored before it is destroyed as well as a timeline for the destruction of the data. It is often a good idea to partner with a certified company that deals in data destruction for businesses. This also includes the destruction of hard drives. It is important to note that even after all files have been deleted from a hard drive, the information can still be gleaned from it. The best way to ensure that your data is safe is to have old hard drives destroyed.

As stated, the protection of data is key. Not only are you protecting your business, you also have to protect the sensitive information of your customers as well. While many businesses are efficient in using firewalls and antivirus software to protect live data, many companies forget that information is stored on old electronics as well. In the past, there have been some incidents where recycling centers have actually taken information from the computers that people have dropped off. In order to avoid this, make sure that the company your business uses to recycle e-waste is certified from a company such as NAID – the National Association for Information Destruction. Destruction companies will also often make their services available for other office equipment including microfilm, audio and videotapes, bank cards, microfilm and more.  This can be achieved by hiring a professional. Call West Coast Computer Recycler for a quote today!

Data Destruction & Why it's Important
Data Destruction should remain a top priority in your business. Create a policy or destruction plan today!
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Certified Destruction & Why it’s Important to Your Company

It is important for consumers to know that recycling e-waste is one of the best options out there. Instead of simply throwing away e-waste, where it will inevitably end up in landfills, recycling e-waste is the greener and smarter option. However, all recycling centers are not the same. It is important that you find a location that is a certified data destruction company.

NAID is the National Association for Information Destruction, Inc. It is also the company that certifies other organizations. NAID certification means that the organization is up to date in their practices and are continually compliant with all secure data destruction requirements. If you are looking to find a company to securely destroy your hard drive or to recycle your e-waste, it is important to make sure the company is NAID AAA certified.

Certified destruction means that you can rest easy knowing that you will be dealing with professionals. One of the fears of recycling old electronics such as computers is whether or not the data on the computers will remain safe. When a company is certified, you can be assured that not only will the company comply to all environmental regulations, but it will also safeguard your data. The typical process of data destruction consists of completely destroying the hard drive and drive platters, fracturing the magnetic surfaces, and ultimately making the data stored on the drive unrecoverable. If the destruction is off site, companies will also have secure vans with locks as well as locked bins, which will keep your data safe as it travels from point A to point B. Many companies will also send you an itemized Certificate of Data Destruction so you know which files have been destroyed. Get a quote today!

Certified Destruction is Crucial to your business. Protection of your private data is always a priority!
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Helpful Tips for Proper Data Handling

Improper data disposal can cause your company or business to become vulnerable to identity theft and data breaches. Careless handling of data can cause many consequences that may do harm to yourself and to the company you are working for. Be careful how your data is handled. Data handling refers to how you care and manage for your printed and electronic data. Handling can refer to editing, viewing, deleting and/or transmitting data. It is particularly important for IT companies to handle their data safely especially because they handle sensitive data every day. Electronic data handling can include the following actions:


  • Emailing or faxing data
  • Scanning information
  • Editing data information
  • Storing data in a media device like USB drives, hard drives, and CDs
  • Deleting information from these media devices

Whenever you perform any of these actions keep in mind how best to secure your privacy through secure data destruction methods. Data security should be a priority for many companies especially with the frequent incidents of identity theft and even data breaches. That being said, data destruction is critical to avoid compromising your safety as well as your company’s safety and reputation. Proper data destruction entails physical destruction of all media and electronic devices that contain confidential data. It is highly recommended that all businesses hire a professional to destroy data. Hiring a reputable data destruction company can reassure you that no data will be traced back to you. E-waste companies like West Coast Recycler perform on-site data destruction services which is cost-effective, eco-friendly and efficient. Many businesses fail to realize the importance of safeguarding your personal information as well as your client’s data. Simply deleting files, transferring files to a trash bin, reformatting your hard drive and shredding are certainly not enough to protect you against identity theft.

Hard drive destruction ensures that data cannot fall into the wrong hands and be recovered, re-purposed or transmitted. Documents containing private information including bills, insurance records, credit card applications and more can be subject to fraudulent activity if not handled with caution. Data destruction is the most reliable method to ensure your business interests’ are protected from hackers. It is strongly advised that you choose a firm that is partnered with NAID, follows EPA regulations, HIPAA compliant and provides a certificate of destruction. This certificate of destruction is proof that your hard drives have been completely destroyed and will not be shared with anyone. This is one way you can be sure that the firm is trustworthy. Keep these tips in mind the next time you get rid of any electronic and data storage devices. Request a quote today and let us help you get rid of all your old media devices without any added stress.

How to Choose a Reputable E-Waste Recycling Company

As we live in a technology driven world, many of our items are run electronically which means electronic waste is becoming more of a global issue. With more and more advanced versions of laptops, smart phones, and computers hitting the shelves we tend to carelessly dispose of our old and unused electronics in garbage disposals and landfills. This poor habit contributes to global warming and pollution. All electronic devices are automatically classified as hazardous if disposed of in a trash can and garbage disposal. To prevent this kind of practice, many countries, like the United States, enforce strict laws and regulations that promote e-waste recycling. Through e-waste recycling many of these old electronic devices are re-manufactured and sold as refurbished items. E-waste recycling not only minimizes trash left on landfills and saves the environment but it also provides the opportunity for businesses to generate profit from re-manufacturing these unused electronics. That being said, this drives the economy. When we finally realize the importance of e-waste recycling it is now time to choose a reputable and trusted e-waste recycling company. Here are a few guidelines when choosing an e-waste recycling company:

Choose a company with the appropriate certifications and credentials:

Before choosing an e-waste recycler, you have to make sure the company is operating under strict environmental compliance. It is also vital that you choose one that is certified to do the job; preferably NAID certified or at the very least is an NAID member. NAID certified companies, like West Coast Computer Recycler follow HIPAA provisions which means they protect customers against any sort of liability regarding e-waste recycling. NAID certified recycling firms also ensure that all your data is kept confidential and private. Many corporations and businesses are encouraged to find data destruction firms that are NAID certified to make sure that no information will be copied, transmitted or reproduced without permission.

Select a firm that specializes in the field:

This tip may sound obvious but one cannot assume that regular recycling companies provide e-waste recycling services. Although some recycling companies do provide this service it is recommended that you select a firm that specializes in both e-waste recycling and secure hard drive destruction. By selecting a firm that specializes in both areas, corporations and businesses will find it much more convenient and less time consuming than firms that do not provide both services. Not all recycling companies offer the same services so be careful when hiring a recycling company. Be advised to check out a company that is capable of handling the type of media or device you are bringing in for recycling and data destruction.

Hire a company that provides references:

Any company you plan to hire should be able to provide you a list of references that will make your decision much easier. Often times we base our decision on the quality and quantity of references. Carefully looking through a firm’s references allows us to see whether or not they comply with environmental laws and if they are trustworthy. References also give us an insight on the kind of company you are dealing with and how they will handle your personal information.

Make sure to follow these tips if you would like quality service and are interested in keeping your identity safe and secure.

Data Destruction: Better Safe than Sorry

Nowadays with the rise of data theft and breaches, secure data destruction has become a growing concern for many businesses and corporations. Majority of businesses use some type of computer and laptop to store important and confidential information. Many of the things we do on our computers require entering our credit card information including online shopping and paying our bills. Even social networking can threaten our security. Although antivirus software protects our computes from viruses and spam, what happens to our safety when we choose to get rid of any old computers, laptops, and hard drives?  Antivirus software safeguards us against hackers but we must also be cautious of what happens to our sensitive material once we decide to dispose of our PCs. It is not enough to simply delete or overwrite files from our hard drives. In most cases, files are forever stored in the hard drive until completely wiped out and unrecoverable. That being said, businesses are encouraged to go to a reputable and professional e-waste company that specializes in secure data destruction services. West Coast Computer Recycler is one such company that provides on-site hard drive data destruction. Businesses fail to find a feasible solution to effectively destroy data which is why they should turn to professionals to handle the matter.

In many occasions, computers are carelessly disposed of without any thought of how it could affect our security and how it could impact the environment. By continuing to practice unsafe methods, you will eventually fall victim to identity theft and security breaches. So think twice when you throw away your computer. Without permanently removing data from your hard drive, you are risking your safety. As a matter of fact, if your information gets into the wrong hands, you can damage your company’s reputation. We have heard of many incidences where hackers and thieves have recovered and accessed deleted information using sophisticated data recovery programs. Not following proper data destruction methods may threaten your company’s safety as it allows thieves entry to highly confidential data. Before you dispose computers, hard drives, and other media storage devices make sure that all data is 100% destroyed and non-recoverable. Most hard drives contain highly sensitive material including social security and credit card records which is why it is crucial that you reduce the chances that your information will be disclosed and replicated. To reduce these chances, hire an e-waste firm that is and NAID member and follows HIPAA guidelines. A part of a company’s responsibility is keeping a business’s information confidential as well as its client’s information. At West Coast Computer Recycler, we will provide you reliable data destruction service to give your company the protection it needs and the peace of mind to know that all its data risks are eliminated.

iPhone 5 release may result in more E-Waste

With the release of the new iPhone, more consumers will  be finding ways to dispose of their old cell phones. With the millions of iPhones expected to be sold, there will be an increase in e-waste as consumers decide the best way to throw away their older generation iPhones. Whether you’re upgrading to an iPhone 5 or another cell phone device make sure to properly dispose of your old phone. Most of us are guilty of leaving our old cell phones in our drawers only to collect dust. According to 2009 statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, less than 10 percent of old phones are eventually recycled. There are various eco-friendly ways of getting rid of your old phone, which is why there should no excuse as to why we cannot adhere to proper e-waste recycling. Today, donating cell phones to charity or/and recycling has been much easier than in recent years. Many cell companies including Verizon, Apple, and T-Mobile provide recycling programs like smartphone buybacks and charitable take-back programs. Just like recycling paper and cans, recycling e-waste should become a habit. As a society, we must find a responsible way of recycling e-waste. Much like recycling paper, bottles, and cans, recycling cell phones greatly helps the environment as it prevents hazardous materials like lead and mercury from being released into the air and landfills. Recycling also helps save energy and preserves reusable materials that can later be manufactured. E-waste has become one of the fastest growing waste stream in the nation, which it is why we must work together to encourage proper recycling and educate people about data destruction methods. Many of us aren’t aware of the amount of waste that is exported to third world countries.

Before you decide to go to an e-waste recycling company, be aware of the company’s guidelines and code of ethics. There are a surprising number of e-waste recycling companies that simply dump phones into a shipping container and send them off to poor countries which have little to no safety or health regulations. All e-waste recycling firms handle waste and destroy data in a different matter, which is why it is important to find a an e-waste company that is abides by HIPAA guidelines and is either an NAID member or/and is NAID certified. West Coast Computer Recycler is just one of the many e-waste and data destruction firms based in the greater Los Angeles that is known for its strict adherence to HIPAA rules. There are many opportunities to recycle your e-waste. For instance, many local e-waste companies hold free e-waste collections where you can drop-off any of your unwanted electronics. Many e-waste companies provide different services for recycling purposes and data destruction needs. Although many phone and electronic companies provide buyback programs, you should take a few precautions before deciding to participate in such programs. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are doing an eco-friendly deed by participating in some of these programs. It is not unusual for companies to practice poor disposal methods. For instance, some companies would gather up all e-waste collected and auction them to the highest bidder where they are then exported to developing countries. A much more ideal way of recycling e-waste is through a qualified recycling center where you can be rest assured that your e-waste is properly disposed of.

3 Ineffective Data Destruction Methods to Avoid

When it comes to deleting or completing destroying old data from your computer, laptop, hard drive or other media devices, it is important to keep safety and security the main priorities. Many people and even companies often use unsafe methods to destroy or erase confidential data. Simply deleting or reformatting your computer may not be secure or safe enough. Continuing to practice poor data destruction methods will inevitably lead to identity theft and data breaches. Insecure data disposal will comprise your personal security and violate your private information. The most important information is often stored away in computers, laptops, and even media devices, which is why it is important to take extra measures to safeguard your personal information. Many companies have overlooked the issues caused by unsafe data destruction methods. These issues include identity theft and data breaches. In order to protect yourself from these types of crimes it is recommended that you seek a secure data destruction company that is HIPAA compliant and is partnered with NAID. Avoid these 3 types of data destruction mistakes and think twice about where your data is going when you click ‘delete.’


Manually Deleting File

There are many important documents and files stored in our computers many of which are personal information that we want to keep private. Our hard drives are filled with e-mail messages, credit card and social security information, bank account data and plenty of other confidential data. With all the information stored in our computers and hard drives it is important to make sure that we eliminate any form of mishandling including unsafe data destruction methods. For example, when we want to delete a file from a hard drive we simply hit the delete key and from there we expect the file to be completely removed and gone forever. In actuality however, that file is still stored in the computer’s database which means that it can simply be recovered by any user. Manually deleting the file by simply transferring the file over to the trash bin does not completely erase the file. Instead it is stored away elsewhere for someone else to recover. A simple deletion of the file is not enough.

Reformatting a Disk

When done correctly, reformatting a disk may completely erase the files from a hard drive but it requires knowledge and skill. Users should be aware of the consequences that may ensue if reformatting is done incorrectly. Similar to manually deleting a file, incorrectly reformatting a disk may allow easy retrieval of the file or document. The recovery process may be quick and easy since the files aren’t completely removed from the hard drive. Users should be aware that with the right software, deleted files can still be located in the hard drive leading to possible identity theft.

Physically Smashing the Hard Drive

Although this may not be a feasible way to destroy a hard drive, physically smashing a hard drive is a common way of destroying a hard drive. This method might require you to take it to the extreme to ensure that the hard drive is completely destroyed and unable to be salvaged. This may also be damaging to the environment as it releases hazardous chemicals.

Why Data Security should be a Priority

Data security is a critical aspect no matter what kind of industry or business you are in. Whether you are a small business or large corporation it is vital that you keep your company’s data secure. Equally important is keeping your clients and customers private information and data confidential. In today’s technology driven society, gaining access to other people’s information including social security number and credit card information has never been easier. Social media channels like Facebook makes it even easier to access someone’s personal information. Safely destroying your data should be a priority for all companies especially because your data can be stored in databases that you may not even be aware of. Whether your data is stored as a hard copy, on paper or hard drive it is imperative that you discard it and destroy all confidential data safely and securely. When it comes to someone’s personal information, caution and awareness should be applied in any data destruction method. Many businesses handle tons of paper work every day and when those stored data and information is no longer needed or required, it is important to ensure that your company’s data or client’s information is fully destroyed. Paper shredding is a popular but unreliable way that many companies get rid of their unwanted documents. Companies should never make the assumption that shredding their documents into tiny little pieces means their information cannot be accessed. On the contrary, your shredded documents can still be easily accessible by just about anyone once it leaves your trash can.

Shredders cannot be used to destroy media storage devices. In that case, businesses are encouraged to look for a reliable and trustworthy data destruction company that can ensure all data will be destroyed and kept private. Businesses should find a company that is NAID certified and is willing to provide a certificate of destruction form to inform you that your data has been safely destroyed and handled in a professional matter. Furthermore, it important to choose a data destruction firm that follows HIPAA guidelines and guarantees that no information will be disclosed or shared with anyone. There are many ways that data can be destroyed but many of these methods can be unreliable and risky. Traditionally, many companies would delete a file from a hard drive by simply erasing or wiping the file or reformatting the computer, however this can be an ineffective method in keeping your data secure. Data can still be retrieved this way because the data has not been completely destroyed rather it has been moved to perhaps another database. For many customers ‘drive wiping’ isn’t sufficient when it comes to destroying private information. With identity fraud and identity theft on the raise it is highly encouraged that both public and private sectors rely on a secure data destruction company to handle all disposal needs. If you’re concerned about your personal information getting into the wrong hands then make sure to find a secure and trustworthy data destruction firm to handle your data.

Don’t be a victim of Identity Theft & Data Breach: Secure Your Privacy

For all businesses, keeping both proprietary & customer information private and secure is priority. When it comes to destroying confidential documents, many businesses often choose to shred their documents by simply using an office shredder. However, when it comes to destroying hard drives, RAM sticks, or/and USB thumb drives, we must rely on a more secure way to destroy these storage media devices. With identity theft, fraud, and data breaches on the rise, it is critical and imperative that businesses and large corporations turn to a data destruction company that is partnered with the National Association for Information Destruction or NAID.

Although paper shredders are convenient and quick method for destroying a printed document, businesses cannot rely on this method when destroying a hard drive. To assure yourself that your document or/and hard drive has been completely destroyed and disposed of, it is vital that you choose a trustworthy hard drive data destruction provider that adheres to HIPAA guidelines and is NAID certified or is at the very least an NAID member. So now you may be wondering what sets NAID certified companies apart from those who are not certified. The following are just a few reasons why businesses are encouraged to go with a reputable company that is an NAID member or/and certified:

  • Certification of Destruction: Electronic waste and recycling companies who are NAID certified will ensure that your information is kept private and confidential as they provide a certification of destruction, confirming that your data has been completely destroyed and that your personal information will not be disclosed, copied, transmitted, or reproduced in any way.
  • Abide by Federal Law: Another advantage that NAID companies provide to corporations, is that they follow and abide by federal law, which again ensures your safety and protects sensitive data for your clients, customers, & patients.
  • Insured, licensed & bonded: Choosing a company that is insured, licensed and bonded provides an added benefit as it provides protection against liabilities.

Whether you are a small mom’s & pop’s business or a big corporation, be sure to locate a certified data destruction company who possesses all these characteristics. By having an NAID certified company handle your data, you will be safeguarded against identity theft, data breach or/and fraud. With all these resources available, why not protect your identity the safe way.