Chrome or Safari: Which is a Better Browser for your iPhone?

While there are many internet browsing options for desktops, in the iOS mobile world, you basically only have two options: Apple’s Safari or Google’s Chrome. Which is the best mobile browser for you? Since both offer things such as tabs, privacy modes, auto fill features, and sharing options, one of the best ways to break down these two platforms is to check out the unique features that each comes with.

What sets Chrome apart from Apple’s Safari is the use of Google Now. Whenever you open a web search on your phone using Chrome, the microphone button above the keyboard will appear. This will make it possible for you to simply speak aloud whatever you wanted to search instead of typing it in. Google Now is also extremely accurate and almost never mishears you. While Safari also offers a dictation function, it is not nearly as accurate or as easy to use as Google Now. However, one area that Safari has Chrome beat is its Reading List feature. The Reading List allows users to easily add any article to a preexisting list of articles that they’d like to read later. This is a lot easier than using standard bookmarks, which is still used on Chrome. Another fun option is the Social list. This feature allows you to see all the other links and articles that are being shared on your social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

One clear difference is the design. Safari is more minimalistic, offers clean lines and a lot of whitespace to make it look more organized. An added feature is once you begin to scroll through a website, the address bar at the top of the screen will slide away giving you the entire screen to view the website’s content – a feature that Chrome does not have. While Chrome’s page layout is not as clean and sleek as Safari, it has one thing that Safari does not. It allows users to access the settings right inside the app such as entering into incognito mode or blocking cookies. With Safari, you can access this information through the iOS Settings app and not directly through the app itself. These are just a few differences that Chrome and Safari offer. Overall, they are both strong platforms for iOS browsing.

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iPhone 5 release may result in more E-Waste

With the release of the new iPhone, more consumers will  be finding ways to dispose of their old cell phones. With the millions of iPhones expected to be sold, there will be an increase in e-waste as consumers decide the best way to throw away their older generation iPhones. Whether you’re upgrading to an iPhone 5 or another cell phone device make sure to properly dispose of your old phone. Most of us are guilty of leaving our old cell phones in our drawers only to collect dust. According to 2009 statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, less than 10 percent of old phones are eventually recycled. There are various eco-friendly ways of getting rid of your old phone, which is why there should no excuse as to why we cannot adhere to proper e-waste recycling. Today, donating cell phones to charity or/and recycling has been much easier than in recent years. Many cell companies including Verizon, Apple, and T-Mobile provide recycling programs like smartphone buybacks and charitable take-back programs. Just like recycling paper and cans, recycling e-waste should become a habit. As a society, we must find a responsible way of recycling e-waste. Much like recycling paper, bottles, and cans, recycling cell phones greatly helps the environment as it prevents hazardous materials like lead and mercury from being released into the air and landfills. Recycling also helps save energy and preserves reusable materials that can later be manufactured. E-waste has become one of the fastest growing waste stream in the nation, which it is why we must work together to encourage proper recycling and educate people about data destruction methods. Many of us aren’t aware of the amount of waste that is exported to third world countries.

Before you decide to go to an e-waste recycling company, be aware of the company’s guidelines and code of ethics. There are a surprising number of e-waste recycling companies that simply dump phones into a shipping container and send them off to poor countries which have little to no safety or health regulations. All e-waste recycling firms handle waste and destroy data in a different matter, which is why it is important to find a an e-waste company that is abides by HIPAA guidelines and is either an NAID member or/and is NAID certified. West Coast Computer Recycler is just one of the many e-waste and data destruction firms based in the greater Los Angeles that is known for its strict adherence to HIPAA rules. There are many opportunities to recycle your e-waste. For instance, many local e-waste companies hold free e-waste collections where you can drop-off any of your unwanted electronics. Many e-waste companies provide different services for recycling purposes and data destruction needs. Although many phone and electronic companies provide buyback programs, you should take a few precautions before deciding to participate in such programs. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are doing an eco-friendly deed by participating in some of these programs. It is not unusual for companies to practice poor disposal methods. For instance, some companies would gather up all e-waste collected and auction them to the highest bidder where they are then exported to developing countries. A much more ideal way of recycling e-waste is through a qualified recycling center where you can be rest assured that your e-waste is properly disposed of.