What Devices Are Candidates for Data Destruction?

When you think of data destruction, the first thing that may come to your mind is erasing all of the files on a computer. You would not be entirely wrong in thinking this since computers do store a large majority of pretty much anyone’s files. This is especially true for larger companies who can store hundreds or even thousands of various files on work computers. What most people fail to consider is the fact that computers are not the only devices that store files, let alone files of a sensitive nature. These other devices containing personal and sensitive files also need to be considered for data destruction before being thrown out.


So what types of devices need to be considered for data destruction? Preferably anything that could possibly store files should be considered. Hard drives from computers and laptops are the number one candidates for data destruction since they typically hold the largest number of files. Other items that need to be considered include solid state drives, RAM sticks, USB thumb drives, data tape cartridges, CD/DVD media, and portable devices. All these items could potentially contain sensitive information, so when before throwing them away it is important to make sure that all files are properly destroyed.

Now that you are aware of the types of files that are eligible for data destruction, the next step is to find a reputable company to efficiently carry out the data destruction. Just because you erase a file on your computer does not mean it is completely gone from the hard drive. At WC Recycler, you can feel safe knowing that we offer secure data disposal in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Protect yourself and your privacy. If you are unsure if an item is eligible for data destruction services, simply give us a call and we will be able to assist you further.

Security in the Workplace

Data security is a major concern for small businesses to large corporations. Keeping your company’s information safe and secure should be a top priority in the workplace. It is also critical for companies to keep their client’s files and information confidential. Without abiding by proper data destruction methods, your company is vulnerable to data breaches, identity theft, and threatening cyber threats. To ensure that your sensitive data is not compromised it is important to go to a reputable data destruction firm. Recycling centers make sure all your data is wiped off from your hard drive before disposing your electronic equipment. Whether you are a small agency or huge corporation, it is important to take data security seriously. If companies fail to protect themselves against harmful activity, they open themselves up to fraud and breaches. It is common for businesses to upgrade to new computers, laptops, and other equipment whenever new technology hits the market. When you are a company that is ready for an upgrade, make sure your old computers are ready for proper disposal.

Often times companies commit the careless act of throwing computers away without first making sure that the hard drive has been completely wiped of all data. If you do not permanently erase the information on your hard drive then you are risking the company’s reputation and exposing yourself to identity theft. Many companies do not realize the importance of proper data destruction because they believe in the misconception that transferring files to the trash bin is secure enough. To avoid all leaks of information from your computer, it is advised that you go to an IT disposal firm that can provide you with secure data destruction services that ensures complete destruction of all confidential data. If you are a company that keeps client records on your computers then make sure to hire a date destruction firm to handle the data disposal when you are ready to upgrade to new equipment. Think about how much your reputation would be damaged if you were if your clients’ information was exposed to the public because of careless and improper data disposal methods.

Improper data disposal may lead hackers and thieves an opportunity to recover all deleted information using data recovery software. Even if you think that all data is deleted, there is still a possibility that hackers can retrieve the files and uncover confidential files that will ultimately jeopardize your company’s reputation. The most effective way to safeguard against these possible mishaps is by hiring an on-site data destruction firm to handle your company’s waste. So choose to protect the security of your business, client, and employees by having your hard drives professionally destroyed. Data security should be a priority in the workplace.