What Should Companies Look for When Hiring a Data Destruction & E-Waste Recycling Firm?

If you’re replacing the computers within your business, you’ll find yourself left with a big pile of hardware including monitors, servers, desktop computer, speakers, printers and laptops. However, before donating, selling or recycling these items, there is the important matter of what to do with your hard drives. It is likely that your business’s hard drives are full of confidential information about your company, staff and clients. It is unlikely that you have the facilities in house to deal with the destruction of data yourself. Your staff may not have enough spare time to deal with the data. Alternatively, you might feel that it’s not appropriate for even your most trusted members of staff to deal with such confidential information.

You may find that using the services of a professional data destruction or e-waste recycling firm is the ideal solution. There are strict standards surrounding data destruction and it is important for your company to comply with standards. Hiring the help of the professionals saves you hassle, time and money. If you were to deal with the data yourself, you would need to pay staff to destroy the data and pay for the necessary equipment. Nowadays, most confidential data is stored electronically, so you would need specialized equipment to dispose of it.

When seeking a company to deal with the destruction of your confidential information, it is important to look for a professional data destruction company which has an ethical approach to handling your recycled information. Always check for a company that adheres to government guidelines like West Coast Computer Recycler in Los Angeles. The company should be certified and environmentally friendly. It is likely that a large volume of data will be destroyed so it is important to seek a company that has green policies. It is your choice whether you use a data destruction company that brings a mobile service to your business location or a company that carries out off site destruction. You may feel more secure seeing the data being shredded in your presence. Alternatively, you may find that it is more appropriate to keep confidential information outside of your office before it is destroyed.

Whichever company you opt for, always bear in mind that company certification and adhering to government guidelines are very important factors in choosing a data destruction or e-waste recycling company.