Protecting Yourself Against Cyber Attacks

As companies do more and more business online and keep personal information in the cloud, it is essential to take extra precautions regarding cyber security. Gone are the days when all you had to do to protect valuable information was store it in a safe. In today’s fast paced world, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on using technology. While this is not necessarily a bad thing as technology helps us with many tasks, it simply means that security measures must be taken. Here are some of the best ways on how to protect yourself against cyber attacks.

Many companies do not realize that not only do you have to protect yourself from outside attacks, there needs to be protection from within as well. Oftentimes, employees can cause harm without even realizing it by unknowingly opening up malware from an email. Since you cannot constantly be looking over the shoulder of your employees, there are still a few things you can do to help. For example, if employees use their own mobile devices at work to access sensitive company information, make sure to have them install anti-virus software and to use firewalls, especially if they are accessing this information when outside the confines of the workplace.

Another way to have employees help out with security measures is to have them create strong passwords. Simply using a word followed by a string of numbers, as sometimes people do, is not a strong password. In fact, strong passwords should not contain any words at all, even if you use numbers instead of vowels for example. In addition, be sure to never use the same password for all your different accounts. The strongest passwords will simply be a string of numbers, letters and symbols.

One final best practice for preventing a cyber attack is simply by keeping your computers updated. This practical strategy is also probably the easiest thing you can do to help keep your business safe. Sometimes getting notifications all the time can become annoying. Despite how easy it is to ignore these notifications, ignoring security updates leaves you vulnerable from outside attacks.  For professional help on how to secure your company from a cyber attack, call us for a Quote today!

Protecting Yourself Against Cyber Attacks
In the technical world we live in today, protecting yourself from a cyber attack is crucial. Strong passwords, protection from within, anti-virus programs & keeping your computers updated are all ways of keeping yourself & your company safe from cyber attacks.
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How Companies Should Dispose of Their E-Waste

Companies across the world are increasingly reliant on electronic devices. Cutting edge technology puts businesses ahead of their competitors, in a marketplace which is ever more competitive. However, when it can cost significantly more money to repair a device than to simply purchase a new replacement, many of these old and superseded devices end up in landfill. Electronic waste disposal is becoming one of the most significant areas of waste management in America, growing at a rapid rate. According to some studies, e-waste is currently 2% of the total waste stream in America – a proportion which is steadily increasing. More importantly, that 2% creates an estimated 70% of the country’s toxic waste production. Just under 15 years ago, over 4.6million tons of e-waste from America went into a landfill. Given the exponential increase in waste in that time, the physical amount of e-waste entering a landfill for disposal is now much larger and much more of a problem.


Businesses and other domestic users are being encouraged to minimize their e-waste disposal, but how can this be achieved? Following the three principles of recycling – reduce, reuse, recycle – can create numerous options before a computer ever comes near to falling into a landfill. Reducing purchases of new electrical items to only those which are strictly necessary could make significant difference. Many people upgrade their mobile phone simply because they have that option, not because there is any fault with the previous handset. Reducing the consumption of electrical items is much easier than trying to manage their disposal. Similarly, many items can be reused – numerous charities collect unwanted electronics like televisions or other devices to be redistributed to the needy or used in shelters or by non-profit organizations. This too reduces waste.

Alternatively, many parts of an electrical device have a value in recycling. Metal and plastic packaging or housings can be turned into new products; even the metal elements inside can be recovered and used in jewelry, plumbing or the automobile industry. Approach councils or governments for their recycling options, or look for local businesses who offer these services.