How Proper Battery Disposal Protects the Planet!

When we get caught up in our busy schedules and tedious routines, it becomes easy to overlook the small things. For example: we’ve all heard that it’s harmful to throw batteries in a trash can; yet many people still do it. Tossing a dead battery doesn’t seem dangerous. You’re only one person. But what if millions of others were also disposing of batteries incorrectly? Consider the effect that would have on the planet.  With an estimated 3 billion dry-cell batteries sold every year in America alone, it is important that we are informed on the proper ways to dispose of and recycle electronic waste.

Because we are in a digital/ electronic era, batteries are used in almost everything we use: Cell phones, laptops, remote controls are just a few of the things we use everyday that are powered by batteries.

So why is throwing away an old battery into your trash can a bad idea? First, take a closer look at what batteries are made of. They consist of a number of heavy metals including mercury, lead, zinc, nickel, cadmium, manganese, and lithium.

While these batteries pose no harm during their normal use, these heavy metals can be harmful to the environment. When dumped into a landfill, these metals can leak into the soil, groundwater, and nearby streams and lakes. If batteries don’t end up in a landfill, they will end up being incinerated along with other waste. These metals also cause damage to the environment when burned. Ash is created and can spread through the air, causing damage to the area where it lands.

In honor of Earth Day this month, take a little time to spread awareness regarding the negative effects that non-recycled batteries have on the environment. In order to prevent harm to the environment, batteries should be recycled properly instead of just thrown away in everyday trash cans. Remember, batteries come in all shapes and sizes. This includes batteries used in remotes and other household products, phone batteries, car batteries, and more. Do your part this Earth Day to help save the environment, and be sure to recycle all used batteries.

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Find Safe Battery Disposal

It is safe to say that 2013 is a world run by electronics. Everywhere you go you see computers, cell phones, and all sorts of other electronic devices that are being powered by batteries. On top of that, cars won’t even be able to turn on unless they have a working battery. Batteries are the source of life for all of our cars and electronics. But what happens when batteries die, or you no longer need an electronic device that has a battery in it? The trash can is no place for an old battery. Instead, you must take the time to find a safe battery disposal.


When it comes to batteries, you absolutely have to dispose of them the proper way. They can cause great harm to the environment if you simply throw them away in your regular trash can. Batteries are made from metals, acid, gas and other chemicals. Some even contain lithium, nickel, cadmium, lead, mercury, potassium and calcium. The metals contained in batteries are what makes them particularly dangerous if they are not properly disposed of. When batteries are left in landfills, these metals and chemicals are absorbed by the soil and water in the ground. As the batteries deteriorate, these chemicals are also released into the air causing pollution. Cadmium is especially easy for plants to absorb, which can affect fruits, vegetables, and even grass.

Not only are batteries harmful to the environment, they are also harmful to humans and animals. When Cadmium and other chemicals are absorbed by plants, they can leave traces in fruits and vegetables that humans and animals can consume. Tainted water can leave people feeling ill and prone to side effects such as abdominal pain, nausea, and headaches. Some more serious effects include liver and kidney damage, skin irritation, asthma, decreased IQ in children, and cancer.

When you choose to recycle batteries instead of dumping them in landfills, you are making the right decision. The effects of not recycling e-waste are simply not worth the damage they can cause. Take the time to contact a professional e-waste removal partner, such as West Coast Computer Recycler. If you live in Los Angeles or Orange County, you can visit one of their convenient locations and business’ can even request a free pickup! The safety of the world is in your hands.