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Whether you represent a business, government agency, school or law firm, when you make the decision  to “Go Green” by recycling your old computer hardware, you should ask two questions:



Will my old hardware be recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly way?

WC Computer Recycler, Inc. disposes of all electronic equipment in strict compliance with all laws and regulations.

When you make the decision  to “Go Green” by recycling your old computer hardware, you are conserving our planet’s natural resources, keeping hazardous materials out of landfills, creating American jobs and providing a cleaner and safer environment for future generations.



What will happen to any data that might be on those old computers, will it be erased?

All computer hard drives and other data storage media and devices are wiped clean by us, any stored data is completely erased. We use the same specialized software utilized by the Department of Defense.

You’ll be keeping a promise you made with your customers and employees by ensuring that their information won’t fall into the wrong hands.


How much does your electronic waste removal service cost?

Nothing! Our electronic waste removal and e-waste recycling services are free with a pickup of 8 or more items.


How can you offer your e-waste recycling services for free?

We receive payment from our e-waste recycling partners. Unlike some companies that collect payment for recyclables and charge the client, we choose to offer electronic waste pickup as a free service to our customers.


What types of electronic waste are acceptable?

West Coast Computer Recycler, Inc. will pick up and recycle just about any type of electronic waste including computers, monitors, printers, copiers, phones, fax machines, and backup / APC batteries. If you have questions about whether or not your electronic waste is acceptable for e-waste recycling, talk to one of our friendly staff members at 888-806-0525


Is West Coast Computer Recycler, Inc. HIPAA Compliant?

Yes! Our electronic waste removal and e-waste recycling process is designed specifically around HIPAA guidelines. We take added measures to ensure that we are always up to date on any new national, state, and local laws or regulations regarding e-waste disposal.


How do you ensure that my data can’t be obtained from our electronic waste equipment?

We use the same highly specialized software in use by the Department of Defense to wipe all data from hard drives before sending them to our e-waste recycling facilities. In addition to wiping all data from hard drives, we physically destroy the device and provide you with a Certificate of Assured Destruction.


Do you pick up our electronic waste?

Yes! Unlike some e-waste recycling services that ask you to drop off electronic waste, we come to you! Our service area includes all coastal cities in Southern California from Ventura County. You are also welcome to drop off your electronic waste at our El Monte California facility.


Is your company licensed?

Yes – we are an e-waste licensed organization as issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


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