The Benefits of Recycling E-Waste

Due to the growing amounts of electronics that are released every year, recycling e waste

Is more important than ever. Recycling e-waste is a great way to reuse precious metals and other materials such as plastics. Read on to learn more about the benefits of recycling electronics.


When we reuse the precious metals that are found in electronics such as gold, silver or nickel, we’re conserving the earth’s natural resources. In addition to this, we actually save energy that it would take to mine these resources in the first place while also reducing pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would be accumulated during the mining process. Extracting fewer raw materials from the earth also helps conserve these resources.


When you recycle e-waste, we’re also protecting the environment. Electronics often contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead and cadmium. When these devices are left in landfills, chemicals are eventually released where they end up in the soil and can even contaminate water supplies. Mercury poisoning can cause muscle atrophy, twitching, tremors, lack of coordination and more.


When we recycle, it also creates jobs locally. About 90% of all electronic equipment is recycle and with so many electronic devices around, starting recycling companies for e-waste can help increase jobs. Existing firms can also employ more people in order to reach the demand of recyclable items coming in.

What is ITAD?

When it comes to data security, it’s important for a company to think of the entire life system of a piece of equipment. At the end of the day, when a device is no longer going to be in use, what will come of it? Often times, the answer is itad recycling, also known as IT Asset Disposition recycling. One of the most important things when engaging in ITAD recycling is to get a certification of hard drive disposition once services are complete.


ITAD recycling can be used as an umbrella term for what happens to electronic assets once they have reached the end of their life. ITAD refers to a process of either disposing, recycling or reusing old electronic equipment that will no longer be used by the company. ITAD recycling should use practices that are environmentally friendly, secure and safe. One of the best ways to determine whether or not a third party company is working to these standards is to see if they are certified. Additionally, your company needs to decide what the decision will be for all IT assets that are ready to be retired. In ITAD disposition, options include reusing or donating the devices, recycling the devices in order to reuse various parts of the item or disposing of the asset in a proper way that will still be environmentally friendly. It’s important to determine, which step you will take as it will mean different things for your IT assets.


If your assets will be reused or donated, it’s imperative that the devices are wiped and that the original data from the hard drive cannot be resurfaced. If assets are going to be recycled, it’s also important to ensure that the items will be recycled in a safe and secure manner. One way to ensure this is to have the third party company provide you with a certification of disposition, which will confirm that the IT assets were recycled securely.


Hard Drive Destruction In Orange County

In our fast paced world, it seems like old technologies are quickly becoming more and more outdated. If you buy a brand new electronic item, it seems like just two years later the item is now obsolete. As a result, the amount of electronic waste that ends up in a landfill has only increased. A large number of electronic devices ending up in landfill are old computers, including the hard drives. This is a dangerous practice as you leave your files and sensitive data open to being targeted. When you delete files from an old computer, they still remain written on the hard drive, leaving your data open to a hacker, especially if the old computer is lying in a landfill where anyone can find it. In order to prevent this, consider hard drive destruction. Read on and learn more about hard drive destruction in orange county.

Data can be removed from a hard drive so that the information becomes unreadable. This can be achieved in a number of different ways. One such way is through something called wiping. When a hard drive is wiped, the data is written over an innumerable amount of times until the original data finally becomes unrecoverable. Another option is called degaussing. This involves running the machine through a powerful magnet that changes the magnetic field. This change disrupts the magnetic tape and disc drives where information is stored on. The result is that the information on the magnetic tapes can no longer be read. While these are good options, they still leave a small window where the information can still be recovered. The only way to fully ensure that all old data is kept out of the wrong hands is through the physical destruction of the hard drive. During this process, the hard drive will go through a machine where it is essentially pulverized. Once the hard drive is physically destroyed, there is no way that any information can be recovered.

Drop-Off Or Pick-Up? Which Is Best For Your Data Destruction Needs?

Whether you are a large company or a smaller business, it is inevitable that you will have old information that will need to be rid of. Companies acquire personal and identifying information from their customers as well as their employees and it is up to the company to keep this information safe. When the time comes, it is important that companies use a hard drive shredding service to securely and efficiently get rid of old data. When choosing which data destruction company to use, consider whether or not you need a company that offers drop offs or pick up.

If you a part of a large company, the best option for you may be a data destruction company that offers pickup services. In fact, there are many companies that will drive directly to your company and pick up all old hard drives and electronic devices that need to be shredded. Be sure that the company ensures that the data will be transported via a secure and locked vehicle and that your information will remain safe as it is transported to the off site shredding facility. If you are a large company, you probably don’t have time to gather all the old belongings and transport them. Instead, make life easier for yourself and have a data shredding company come to you.

Smaller businesses, or those that do not have too many units that need to be shredded, may benefit from drop off services. Data shredding companies often have various drop off locations at various places. Find the most convenient drop off location for your business and simply gather all old units and drop them off during business hours. When you drop them off you’ll know that your old units will be destroyed in a timely and efficient matter. Whether you are a large company or a small business, you will benefit from data destruction services.

Ensure Secure Data Shredding By Focusing On This

In recent years, the use of data shredding companies has grown in popularity. This is because businesses now realize the importance of data security, especially in regards to old information that may not be used anymore. When old hard drives are no longer used, even if the information is deleted from the computer, the files still remain. The only way to ensure that old information is erased from hard drives is to destroy the data. However, not all companies are the same. Look for these things in a secure data shredding company.

One of the most popular and secure ways to get rid of old data is to permanently destroy the data by overwriting the data in the hard drive. When this occurs, the original files can no longer be read, rendering them safe from outsiders. The most secure way to ensure data security however is through data shredding. Data shredding is the process where old hard drives and other electronic devices are physically destroyed and pulverized. After this, the data is completely destroyed. This is the best way to make sure that data remains secure.

There are various ways for data shredding companies to remain secure. For example, data shredding companies will often offer both onsite and offsite shredding. When shredding is offsite, it means that old hard drives must be picked up from the customer and then securely transported in locked boxes to the offsite destruction facility. Locked boxes and locked vehicles is one way to ensure the security of data traveling to an off site location. Another way to ensure a data shredding company is secure is whether or not they are in the AAA Certified Program. This certification comes from the Association for Information Destruction National. When a company has this certification it means that they are meeting all security and efficiency standards set by the data destruction industry. These are just a few ways that companies ensure data shredding security.


Should hard drive shredding companies offer free pickup?

In our fast paced world, new technologies are making lives more convenient every day. As the technologies increase, old electronics are becoming obsolete faster than ever before. As a result, companies are left with old hard drives and other electronic devices. These devices all have sensitive data stored in them since data is not erased simply by deleting files. This increase in technology has spurred the need for hard drive shredding companies. Today, there are more data destruction companies around then ever before. To keep customer loyalty, companies are offering various incentives, one of which is offering free pick up to customers.

One of the best ways to win customer loyalty is to offer the customer convenience. Companies with large numbers of old electronic devices are likely not going to want to pack up all the devices on their own and then drive to a company’s location, which may be far and out of the way. Instead, companies are going to want to choose a drive shredding company that will meet them where they’re at since this is a much more convenient option. Instead of wasting time and resources and sending out old electronic devices, companies will appreciate the ease of having items picked up and destroyed at an offsite location. When hard drive shredding companies can think through and plan for the entire data destruction process, it makes the whole process that much easier for customers.

Some companies offer the option of both on site or off site data shredding. With on site shredding, companies will come to the company and shred hard drives at the company’s location using portable shredding equipment. This is convenient for companies as they know that the process will be completed in a timely manner. Other companies offer secure off site destruction where a company will pick up old hard drives and, in a secure vehicle, transport devices to the offsite location. This is convenient as the customer will not have to worry about transporting old devices themselves. Either way, hard drive shredding companies should offer convenient options to improve customer loyalty.