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Tape Drive vs Hard Drive – Which Should You Use?

tape drive vs hard drive
When it comes to backing up your companies data and information, there are two major options when it comes to the physical realm of storage. These include...

Sep 14, 2018

Are you Following the Best Practices for Hardware Asset Management

hardware asset management best practices
If you are part of a company or own a small business, it’s important to consider Hardware Asset Management Best Practices. These best practices will...

Sep 7, 2018

How Do Solid State Drives Work?

how do solid state drives work
Back in 1956, IBM released the world’s first hard disk drive. The drive only stored 5 megabytes of data, took up the space of more than two refrigerators...

Aug 31, 2018

Recent Landfill Data Containing E-Waste

landfill data
When it comes to determining how prevalent e-waste is, it’s important to look at some landfill data. According to a report conducted by the EPA, computers...

Aug 31, 2018

How to Destroy VHS Tapes

how to destroy vhs tapes
Thanks to the increase in technology, consumers are seeing more and more ways to store their information. Gone are the days of floppy disks and instead,...

Aug 24, 2018

How is Electronic Waste Recycled

how is electronic waste recycled
In today’s world of growing technologies, many companies are now faced with the task of disposing old hard drives and media that is no longer used,...

Aug 10, 2018

Recent Data on Recycling

data on recycling
When it comes to e-waste, you probably have heard of the dangers and harm of e-waste ending up in landfills. From polluting our natural water reserves...

Jul 31, 2018

Do you Know the Patron Saint of Electronics?

patron saint of electronics
Did you know that there is a patron saint of electronics? Declared by Pope John Paul II in 1997, Isidore of Seville became the patron saint of the internet...

Jul 20, 2018

What Services are Typically Offered by E-Waste Recycling Companies?

electronics recycling services
When it comes to electronic waste, it’s important that you or your company refrain from simply throwing away the e-waste in the garbage where it will...

Jul 13, 2018

Things You Should Include in your Data Breach Plan

data breach plan
When it comes to data security, your company should have a data breach plan so that you’ll be prepared for whatever life throws at you. A data breach...

Jul 6, 2018
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