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Recycling Misconceptions: Electronics Shredder


Many corporations and businesses are faced with the task of disposing of old hard drives and media, which at one point contained sensitive date. By physically destroying the media through a secure process, you can effectively eliminate the chances of your data falling into the wrong hands. These businesses might have some recycling misconceptions about what the process might look like. The process begins when a request is made to pick up the hard drives destined for physical destruction at your place of business. Your sensitive information is locked in a secure container and form this point, a chain of custody is maintained as the driver takes possession of the media and delivers them to the destruction facility and the electronics shredder.


As the hard drives and other media travel up the conveyor belt, they’re deposited into the hopper and from there, they’re shredded into thousands of tiny pieces rendering them literally useless. Once your hard drive and media has been destroyed, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction along with a detailed destruction log. Together, these documents will give you piece of mind knowing that your data has been securely destroyed.

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