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What Should Be In Your DOD Certificate Of Data Destruction

A part of a company’s security measures should include data security. Within data security is data destruction. This refers to the process of destroying data from electronic hardware that has sensitive information stored on it. Destroying old data through a disk wiping software is a secure way to make sure that sensitive data remains safe and out of the wrong hands. When choosing a company that will assist in the data destruction process, it is important that the company gives you a DOD Certificate of Data Destruction. Here is the information that you should receive from the Certificate.

The Certificate of Data Destruction that is certified by the Department of Defense is given to companies upon completion of data destruction. Not only does the certificate verify that the data was in fact destroyed, it should also include other information. This information includes things such as the client name, the report ID and the brand and model of the equipment being used. It should also list all of the equipment serial numbers. Along with this, the certificate should also report the RAM, the HDD size, and model and serial numbers for the HDDS, the disk sanitizing method, number of bad sectors and finally, the number of passes performed.

The number of passes performed is in reference to the number of “wiping” that has occurred. A disk wipe is when a complicated algorithm is used to overwrite, or replace, the old data. This means that new data is added to the old data so that the old data becomes unreadable. While some algorithms simply reduce the data to 0’s and 1’s, other software adds random information or multiple passes to make sure that the old data is irretrievable. If your company destroyed data via this disk wiping process, be sure to get a digital data destruction certificate upon completion.

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Certificate Of Data Destruction
Certificate Of Data Destruction is verification that the company in fact did destroy the data that was given to them, as well as other valuable information
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