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Data Destruction Services In Los Angeles

If you have been keeping up with the latest data security news, you might have heard about the importance of data destruction. Data destruction is when you completely destroy the data that is stored on hard disks, tape or other forms of electronic media such as hard drives. This is is important because even if you delete files from a hard drive for example, the files are still readable. What data is destroyed through a certified company, the data becomes unreadable.

If you are thinking about getting data destroyed think about what information is being stored in the data. If the data includes personal and identifying information of employees or clients it may be a good idea to get the data destroyed. Essentially, you do not want any identifying information to get into the wrong hands. By simply throwing away old pieces of technology that has data stored on it, you are putting others at risk because you never know where your old pieces of technology will end up if you throw them away.

At West Coast Computer Recycler, you can trust professionals to completely destroy any data from storage media. Some of the pieces of technology that they can wipe clean include hard drives, RAM sticks, CD/DVDs, cassette tapes, USB thumb drives, portable devices, laptops and more. WCrecycler also offers off site destruction. This means that they will make it easy on you by picking up the data that you would like to be destroyed. After they pick it up, it will securely be taken back to the offsite location where your products are recorded so that you can then be given a Certificate of Assured Destruction. After this, your products are then shredded and recycled and all data is destroyed. WCrecycler is also certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. If you are looking for data destruction services in Los Angeles, West Coast Computer Recycler is the company for you!

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Data Destruction In Los Angeles
Data Destruction is so important to your company as well as your customers. If your data includes personal and identifying information of employees or clients it may be a good idea to get the data destroyed.
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