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Data Destruction

If your company has been staying at the forefront of cyber security, you may already know the importance of data security. Not all security comes in the form of firewalls and strong passwords. Sometimes, data needs to be kept secure through data destruction. If there are any old computers, hard drives, or other electronics in your office, these are potential security threats. This is because even when files are deleted, they are still kept on the hard drive. Here are some things to know about data destruction services.

Most companies will charge an average of $10 per hard drive that is shredded. While this may seem steep, it is important to know that a data security breach will cost a company on average thousands of dollars in damage. In the grand scheme of things, taking this step now will save your company later. Destroying data can benefit your business by keeping it safe. When you get rid of old computers or electronics, there is only one way to know that old data cannot be found. You can get rid of information from a hard drive by overwriting the data or wiping the hard drive clean. However, these options do not 100% guarantee that the old data will not be recovered.

Data destruction companies also offer different options for the customer. For example, some companies offer mobile services while others are drop off only. West Coast Computer Recycler makes it easy on customers by offering a secure pick up option. This means that they will drive to your business, pick up all your old electronics and then securely transport it back to the main facility. Finally, a data destruction company should be certified. Companies should be ISO 14001 certified. This is a standardized management system that is given to companies regarding environmental management. This means that the company is complying with environmental laws and is taking steps toward minimizing negative effects on the environment.

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Computer Recycling & Data Destruction
Picking your data destruction company could be a hard decision. Make sure you look into different prices, how secure the company security is and whether your needs are mobile or not.
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