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6 Tech Trends Coming in 2016

With the New Year now ahead of us, consumers might be wondering what to expect. In 2016, get ready for some new technological advancements that will be coming your way. One of the things things to get ready for is 5G. Researchers are stating that 5G will connect things at unimaginable speeds. With these new speeds, we are approaching the day when all our products from interactive automobiles to super gaming can be seamlessly connected. Connected to 5G is Advanced Machine Learning. Through the use of algorithms, machines can theoretically make predictions and learn from data, instead of following strict guidelines that have been programed into them. Machines can now use models that are based on examples then make predictions and decisions off of that data.

Virtual Reality is also something to look forward to in 2016. While virtual reality has been something we have been thinking about for decades, 2016 might be the year that it is actually presented to the public in an affordable, reliable, and easily accessible way. Even movie theaters are in the works of bringing virtual reality content to the public. News outlets are also partnering with Virtual Reality organizations in order to bring an immersive experience such as live events into the home.

Another trend is the continued and increased use of wearable devices. From smart watches, Google glasses to Apple watches and Fitbits, we have seen that wearable technology can affect fields from health and medicine to fitness and entertainment, gaming and more. In 2016, wearable technology markets are expected to reach over $6 billion. While we have begun to use cloud computing, in 2016, it is expected that cloud computing will become the main way we store information. 3D printing is also a form of technology that is expected to increase in 2016. In fact, the amount of 3D printers are expected to double worldwide in 2016. The use of 3D printing will also to continue to be used in fields such as bio medics and design and engineering.

Which of these six trends are you most excited for?

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6 Tech Trends Coming in 2016
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