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3 Reasons To Destruct Data in a Company

One of the most common reasons to destruct data in a company is to protect sensitive information. To help maintain security, the Recycling Industry Operating Standard, or the r2 rios recycling service was created. These sets of standards are best practices that are used specifically by the electronics industry and includes recycling guidelines.


  1. Data Security. Companies gather a lot of sensitive information including the identifying and personal information of employees as well as customers. When an electronic device is old and no longer usable, it still houses sensitive information. The device can’t simply be thrown away as all the information is stored on the device, even after files are deleted.
  2. Brand and Reputation Protection. In the past, there have been incidents of customer information being leaked or firewalls being bypassed. A company needs to protect its brand and ensure both employee and customer trust that their information will be secure. Ensuring that information will be properly destroyed is a way to continue customer trust.
  3. Avoid fines and stay in Compliance. If information is not properly destroyed, a business can face hefty fines. Additionally, there are various regulations that have been enacted to protect client information such as HIPAA, GLB and FACTA. Failing to meet these regulations includes fines and even criminal prosecution. Destroying hard drives and other e-waste is a great way to ensure your business remains in compliance with various privacy regulations.

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